Sage Roots Consulting

Founder of Sage Roots Consulting, Yash Youssefi, has over 15 years’ experience in business management, consulting, marketing, and sales. With an emphasis on hospitality and customer service, Yash, started Sage Roots Consulting in 2016 to assist individuals with their home and business needs.
Yash works with numerous highly rated, reputable, solar & home improvement licensed contractors to help provide you with the best possible service, price, and warranty.

Our professional business consultants go the extra mile to empower your business, by providing you with strategies to effectively boost your revenues and reach. We’ll help you have a crystal clear view of your business and identify opportunities for growth. You can trust us to work with you every step of the way to study your target market and deliver recommendations to achieve success.
Sage Roots Consulting offers various services, including sales staff training, social & grassroots marketing, accounting services, business & employee insurance, licensing, and legal services. We proudly provide services in Carlsbad, California, and all surrounding areas. Get in touch with us now at (855) 256-4394.

At Sage Roots Consulting, we:

  • Identify your energy consumption and trends.
  • Teach you exactly what to look for when choosing a contractor by using our comparison bid tool.
  • Craft a custom-tailored proposal for your home or business.
  • Provide you with recent information on recently approved tax hikes in your area.
  • Present an interactive proposal in which you can choose the best financing rates and terms available.
  • Show a return on investment analysis with a 25-year estimated savings.
  • Review your federal income tax credit and provide you all the necessary documents for filing.
  • Provide a list of references and or addresses you can visit for verification.
  • Show you exactly how many barrels of fossil fuels you will be saving by going green.
  • Offer a list of environmental charities with a donation certificate, you will contribute to when purchasing your system.