Solar Panel Services

We specialize in solar install, repair, and maintenance. For your issues and concerns with your solar energy system, give us a call and book your appointment today.

We only offer Bloomberg Tier-1 Rated Panels for proposals. We offer LG, Panasonic, QCell, Solaria, Canadian, & Hyundai. Typically, we provide a draft system for a client with the lowest cost per watt and best return on investment. More importantly, we always use Enphase Microinverters for any system we propose. This is a key factor in which we will review with you during the proposal.

We also offer these manufacturers in all black if aesthetics are an HOA or personal preference. Keep in mind that manufacturers charge more for all-black aesthetic panels. Additionally, their production is commonly lower because they don’t offer higher wattage panels. This means more panels to produce the same amount, more roof space required, and a higher cost per watt. We install systems on composite shingle roofs, concrete clay, and clay. We also provide Pool Thermal & Variable pumps for your home. 

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